This Week At EPFC North

EPFC | September 12th, 2019

Two terrific workshops to kick off the Fall 2019 Season at EPFC North!

Workshop: Found Footage Fiesta!
Saturday, September 14
1 – 4 pm
For this fun, hands-on workshop, we’ll dive into EPFC’s secret stash of found footage and work with splicers and projectors to create dynamic new home movie mash-ups! No previous filmmaking experience necessary. Free event! Everyone welcome.

Workshop: Non-Binary Paper Dolls Explore-a-thon
Sunday, September 15
1 – 4 pm
Dressing to reflect or disguise identity can be a provocation, a bore, an exhibition of fashion’s artistry, a work-functional necessity, a luxury, a burden. Anyone near a thrift store, a donation box, a credit card, a friend who loves to share their attire, can look wealthy-scruffy, poor yet incredibly elegant, overtly sexual or utterly asexual, simple or showy, human or alien. Image-making and ID deconstruction by way of clothing ourselves is a joy, a puzzle, a survival skill. We may harbour more old-fashioned notions in our fashion choices than we realize as we unconsciously or very consciously dress as we do for ourselves, our jobs and our world.  Come draw, discuss, create with us at The Non-Binary Paper Doll Explore-a-thon! No artistic skills required. Free event! Everyone welcome!