Marvelous Movie Mondays

Can’t get to Echo Park Film Center for a screening? MMM brings the movies to you!

Marvelous Movie Mondays is EPFC’s ongoing, online, thematic. social media film festival. Created and facilitated by filmmaker Kate Lain, MMM is guest curated by a different filmmaker each month with new offerings posted every Monday.


January: Beautiful Ugly | Guest Curator: Leah Shore

February: Narrative Down the Rabbit Hole | Guest Curator: Jimmy Schaus


January: Intersections of 3D and Reality | Guest Curator: Will Rahilly

February: That’s Amore | Guest Curator: Nellie Kluz

March: Unruly Women | Guest Curator: Jennifer Reeder

April: Queer Reproduction | Guest Curator: Kiki Loveday

May: THE END | Guest Curator: LJ Frezza

June: Imitations of the Everyday | Guest Curator: Alexa Lim Haas

July: Cultural Geography and Performance for Video | Guest Curator: Adán De La Garza

August: Love / Heartbreak Program: From the personal to the political | Guest Curator: Morris Manuel Trjillo

September: Aging | Guest Curator: Angeline Gragasin

October: Inner Thoughts | Guest Curator Jenna Maurice

November: Filial Piety – Parents and Kids | Guest Curator: Georgia Fu

December: Queen of the Trap | Guest Curator: Brina Thurston


January: Music & Motion | Guest Curator: Brian C. Short

February: Visions of a Potential Future | Guest Curator: Christina Battle

March: Glitch | Guest Curator: Eric Ostrowski

April: FAILURE + TENACITY = SUCCESS | Guest Curator: Sophia Peer

May: Stateless | Guest Curator: Roger Hill

June: Women Alchemists | Guest Curator: Elena Pardo

July: Dancer in the Dark | Guest Curator: Jennifer Sullivan



January: Lo-Fi Comedy | Guest Curator: Eric W. Mast

February: Mind-Melting Mayhem | Guest Curator: Clint Enns

March: artist-made music videos | Guest Curator: Yoshi Sodeoka

April: Broken Beings | Guest Curator: Johnny Woods

May: intersection of experimental and documentary methodologies | Guest Curator: Ephraim Asili

June: Internal Cinema | Guest Curator: Kate Ewald

July: The Trouble with Being Born | Guest Curator Christine Negus

August: You Can’t Blame the Youth | Guest Curator: Joel Wanek

September: Behind the Scenes | Guest Curator: Jennifer Juniper Stratford

October: Seattle Plays Hollywood | Guest Curator: Salise Hughes

November: Documenting the Movements | Guest Curator: David Zlutnick

December: The Holiday Special | Guest Curator: Erica Magrey



January: solitude and escape | Guest Curator: Amir George

February: Optical Toys | Guest Curator: Charlotte Taylor

March: MYST | Guest Curator: Andrew Rosinski

April: Self-Taught CG | Guest Curator: Ben Coonley

May: Psychedelic Animation | Guest Curator: Ben Popp

June: Freedom Portals | Guest Curator: Erin Christovale

July: POST-FILM | Guest Curator: Scott Fitzpatrick

August: Breaking the Fourth Wall | Guest Curator: Karl Lind

September: Global Borders, Global Migrations | Guest Curator: Ian Alan Paul

October: NO COP ZONE | Guest Curator: Kelly Gallagher

November: Reconstructing Memory | Guest Curator: Mia Ferm

December: Down to Earth: Extraterrestrials and Heavenly Bodies | Guest Curator: Christopher Harris



January: Our Animal Brethren | Guest Curator: Caitlin Horsmon

Caitlin Horsmon: Themes and Variations for the Naked Eye | [from 1911]: The Sick Kitten | Joyce Wieland: Cat Food | Tony Gault: Fossil Light | Kathy High: Everyday Problems of the Living | Duke & Battersby: Here Is Everything

February: Animated Non-Fiction | Guest Curator: Kelly Sears

Kelly Sears: The Drift | Windsor McCay: The Sinking of the Lusitania | Jen Sachs: The Velvet Tigress | Aardman Animation: Going Equipped | Jonas Odell: Tussilago

March: Textual Healing | Guest Curator: Hannah Piper Burns

Hannah Piper Burns: memmaid blues (ch 1, 3, 4) | Kim Kielhofner: A House is a Building that  Makes Up Stories | Jesse Malmed: L’Bandit Art | Christopher Wiersema: Break a Thick Mug | Kiel Fletcher: 1984 | Eileen Skyers: Monsters and Ghosts

April: Haptic | Guest Curator: Caryn Cline

Caryn Cline: Compost Confidential | Eva Kolcze: Markings 1 – 3 | Cade Bursell: Salt Lines | Mel Friedling: Garden Roll Bounce Parking Lot | Crackpot Crafters: The Artifacts of Life (Devon Damonte, Caryn Cline, Linda Busta, Jim Hill, Dory Nies, Kelsey Smith, Kevin Jacobs, Jason Gutz, Meesh Rheault Miller)

May: Body of Speech | Guest Curator: Jason Livingston

Jason Livingston: Acid Reign | Documentation of Peaceful Uprising’s successful shutdown of the first tar sands mine in the US | Avi Mograbi: Details 2 & 3 | Alex Rivera: Manu Chou music video | Adam Butcher: Bradley Manning Had Secrets

June: Future Fiction of the 1980s Eastern Bloc | Guest Curator: Peter Burr

Peter Burr: trailer for SPECIAL EFFECT and GREEN | RED | Vladimir Tarasov: Pereval (part 1) | Vladimir Tarasov: Pereval (part 2) | ?: FANTADROMS | cartune xprez: Geon Masters | cartune xprez: Geon Vampires

July: Mountain Movies | Guest Curator: Huckleberry Lain

Huckleberry Lain: In Memoriam to the Cinema Palace | Appalshop: A Taste of the Mountains | Elizabeth Barret: Stranger with a Camera (trailer 1) | Elizabeth Barret: Stranger with a Camera (trailer 2) | Elizabeth Barret: Stranger with a Camera (trailer 3) | Elizabeth Barret: Stranger with a Camera (Pat Gish) | Elizabeth Barret: Stranger with a Camera (Richard Black) | Elizabeth Barret: Stranger with a Camera (Calvin Trillin) | Delta Youth with Appalshop: Making A Difference in the Delta | Appalshop: Music Fair | Headwaters: clips of Kenneth Clayton Baker | Appalshop: clip from Mountain Blues | Mountain Community Television: clip from program on Bill Monroe and Ralph Stanley | Headwaters: clips from episode on Dock Boggs

August: Other Languages| Guest Curator: Mary Helena Clark

Mary Helena Clark: The Plant | ?: Pina Bausch: Nelken, excerpt: The Man I love | Henry Hills: SSS | Jim Trainor: The Bats | fimmaker unknown: Ed Sanders performs “Henri Matisse”

September: Experimental Medicine | Guest Curator: Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa

Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa: The Green and the Blue | Leslie Thornton: Strange Space | Irene Lusztig: The Motherhood Archives | Barbara Hammer: Sanctus | Mindy Faber: Delirium | Jeanne C. Finley: Deaf Dogs Can Hear

October: the uncanny and possibly eldritch in silent film | Guest Curator: Karen Yasinsky

Karen Yasinsky: Life is an Opinion Fire a Fact | Mauritz Stiller: Sir Arne’s Treasure | Joseph Cornell: Jack’s Dream | Urbad Gad: Engelein | ?: Japanese Old Animation

November: Landscape in Film | Guest Curator: Charlotte Humpston

Charlotte Humpston: To Stand and Stare: An English Landscape | Adam Laity: The Peace of Wild Things | Carol Stevents: Clutch | James Callow: Straw in the Wind

December: Sound and Vision: Video Work of Christian Marclay | Guest Curator: Lucy Williams

Lucy Williams: Aperture | Christian Marclay: The Clock (excerpt) | Christian Marclay: Guitar Drag | Christian Marclay: Telephones | Christian Marclay: Video Quartet (excerpt) | Christian Marclay: Screenplay (excerpt)


January: Limitations, Transitions, Subverting Emotions to Preserve the Social Contract | Guest Curator: Evan Meaney

Even Meaney: Null Sets | Jorgen Leth: The Perfect Human | Lauren Hoy: How To Cut An Apple | Everynone: Words | Jen Proctor: Groundless

February: Taxidermy | Guest Curator: Sarah Suta

Sarah Suta: Our Tomorrow | Fiona Campbell: The Jackdaw | Max Swinton: Mr. Fox | Max Winston: I Live in the Woods! | Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby: Beauty Plus Pity

March: Light | Guest Curator: Jennifer Hardacker

Jennifer Haracker: The Nightgardener | Kerry Laitala: Phantogram | Robert Todd: Summer Light: Part 3, Tuesday | Bill Morrison: Light Is Calling | Janie Geiser: The Floor of the World

April: Text Films | Guest Curator: Deron Williams

Deron Williams: I Would Like It Very Much (words for vhs #1) | Roger Beebe: Beginnings | Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries: Lotus Blossom | Steve Reinke: Three Act Play | Dee Hibert-Jones & Nomi Talisman: I-140 | Ben Popp: Binary

May: Found Footage | Guest Curator: John Warren

John Warren: Sunset [excerpt] | Peter Tscherkassky: Outer Space | Michael Robinson: Light Is Waiting | Ben Russell: Black and White Trypps Number Four

June: End Games | Guest Curator: Bryan Konefsky

Bryan Konefsky: Does Anyone Ever Really Quit? | Charles Lum: Last Kiss | Marika Borgeson: 11:47 | John Woods: Victor #5 | Irene Coll Ingles: Descartado

July: Stoboscopic July | Guest Curator: Jodie Mack

Jodie Mack: Dusty Stacks of Mom [trailer] | Robert Breer: 69 | Lis Rhodes: Dresden Dynamo | Xander Marro: 0106 | Paul Sharits: Fluxfilm 29 – Word Movie | Leif Goldberg: Wee Wee Attractors

August: Music Videos | Guest Curator: Roger Beebe

September: Screendance | Guest Curator: Terri Sarris

October: FALL-LA-LA | Guest Curator: Jesse Malmed

November: Experimental Remakes | Guest Curator: Jen Proctor

December: A Bit Of Sunshine in the Heaviness of Winter | Guest Curator: Simon Tarr

Simon Tarr: Girl Chit | Mike Wechsler: Strange Attractors | Lauren Cook: On the Mountain | Jim Lujan: John Henry Unicorn | Tim Hope: Jubilee Line | Jake Elliot: Ruins



January: Go Make A Movie | Curator: Kate Lain
Cut-out Animations with Terry Gilliam | Corey Ogilvie: How to Film a Demonstration or Revolution | How to do a Pixilation | Photo Answers with Andrew James: DIY Vaseline Photo Filter | youtube user “F3lix from Portugal”: Garbage Art – Homemade Photo Filter | features “How to Make Movies” from 1974: Retro Thing TV – It’s Home Movie Day!

February: Pondering Place | Curator: Kate Lain
Cindy Stillwell: High Plains Winter | Kate Lain: Field Notes: Tree 1 | Rick Smith: The Urban Aesthetic | Ben Russell: The Quarry

March: Auteur Theory: Lyn Elliot | Curator: Kate Lain
Lyn Elliot: Boy in the Air | Lyn Elliot: Fish, But No Cigar | Lyn Elliot: Know What You Mean | Lyn Elliot: Cars Will Make You Free

April: Love Is In The Air | Curator: Kate Lain
Ben Coonley: Valentine for Perfect Strangers | Joseph Cornell: Rose Hobart | Penny Lane: Voyagers | Stan Brakhage: Lovesong | OK Go: End Love

May: Films That Start With the Letter P | Curator: Kate Lain
Lillian Schwartz: Papillons | Heather D Freeman: Pennipotens| Max Almy: Perfect Leader | Kenneth Anger: Puce Moment

June: Talk to Us: Interviews with Experimental Filmmakers | Curator: Kate Lain
Hollis Frampton | Barbara Hammer | Brakhage on Brakhage, Brakhage on Pollock, Brakhage on scratching | Trinh T. Minh-ha

July: Auteur Theory: Norman McLaren | Curator: Kate Lain
Norman McLaren: Dots | Norman McLaren: A Phantasy | Norman McLaren: Hen Hop | Norman McLaren: Fiddle-De-Dee | Norman McLaren: Canon

August: Earthly Landscapes | Curator: Kate Lain
Larry Gottheim: Fog Line | Peter Mays: Stream | Deron Williams: Truck in Water | Cindy Stillwell: The First Story

September: Essay / Spoken Word | Curator: Kate Lain
Shaz Bennett: Top of the Circle | Jessica Bardsley & Penny Lane: The Commoners | Jerome Hill: Film Portrait | Nancy Holt & Robert Smithson: Swamp

October: The Long Take | Curator: Dustin Zemel
Dustin Zemel: Tik Tok | Charlemagne Palestine: Island Song | Karl Lind: 122 Random Seconds | Charles Fairbanks: Wrestling with my Father | Peter Snowdon: Walking Through Paradise | Dustin Zemel: Hologram Analogies (aka Cram Engram)

November: Simple, Cheap and Awesome | Curator: Lyn Elliot
Lyn Elliot: Another Dress, Another Button | Chel White: Metal Dogs of India | Roger Beebe: TB TX Dance | Richie Sherman: Christine Appears as an Angel Forty Places at the Same Time | Aaron Greer: Not Color Blind, Just Near Sighted

December: The Gift | Curator: Lisa Marr
Lisa Marr: When You’re Five | Jodie Mack: A Joy | Naomi Uman: Private Movie | Helen Hill: Your New Pig is Down the Road | Sid Laverents: Multiple Sidosis | Paolo Davanzo: Monday Morning, Echo Park


March: Another Nature | Curator: Kate Lain
Jan Svankmajer: A Game With Stones | Etienne-Jules Marey: insect films | Jean Painleve: Sea Urchins | Roger Teich: Devils’s Teeth | Semiconductor: Brilliant Noise

April: Modern Black & White & Wonderful | Curator: Kate Lain
Ray Tintori: Jettison Your Loved Ones | Lyn Elliot: Once | Guy Maddin: The Heart of the World | Ray Tintoir: Death to the Tinman

May: Ways of Seeing: Art & Science | Curator: Kate Lain
Marie Menken: Glimpse of the Garden | Stan Brakhage: Mothlight | Robert Benchley: Sex Life of a Polyp | Stan Vanderbeek: Science Fiction | Semiconductor: Black Rain

June: Feminist Voices | Curator: Kate Lain
Cindy Sherman: Doll Clothes | Maya Deren: At Land | Gunvor Nelson: My Name is Oona | Martha Rosier: Semiotics of the Kitchen

July: Stopmotion & Timelapse | Curator: Kate Lain
Jan Svankmajer: Meat Love | Tony Fiandaca & Paul Cummings: Tony vs. Paul | Ladyslaw Starewics: Cameraman’s Revenge | Sam Taylor-Wood: Still Life

August: Grab Bag | Curator: Kate Lain
Peter Rose: Studies in Transfalumination | Chistine Lucy Latimer: Fruit Flies | Robert Breer: 70 | Dustin Zemel: More Please! | George Kuchar: Wild Night in El Reno

September: Music Makes the World Go ‘Round | Curator: Kate Lain
Laurie Anderson: O Superman | They Might Be Giants: Istanbul, Not Constantinople (music video) | Peter Gabriel: Sledgehammer (music video) | Kenneth Anger: Kustom Kar Kommandoes

October: Before They Were Big | Curator: Kate Lain
Martin Scorsese: The Big Shave | Jane Campion: Passionless Moments | George Lucas: 6.18.67 | Tim Burton: Houdini | David Lynch: Six Men Getting Sick Six Times

November: Studies in Movement | Curator: Kate Lain
Maya Deren: Meditation on Violence | Etienne Jules Marey & Georges Demeny: Marey films on body motions (XII) | Rick Smith: (dis)continuity | Yvonne Rainer: Trio A

December: Speak Up, Speak Out | Curator: Kate Lain
Sangiago Alvarez: Now | Bryan Boyce: Election Collectibles | Robert Arnold: Echolalia | Martha Colburn: Occupy Wall Street