The Filmmobile takes Echo Park Film Center programs on the road to better serve our own community and facilitate exchanges with communities beyond the boundaries of Echo Park. EPFC purchased a retired school bus in late 2007. Working in conjunction with local innovators in mobile media and clean energy technology, we transformed the 1997 Bluebird into the EPFC Filmmobile: a full-service, eco-friendly screening and educational facility on wheels.

filmmobile logo

Filmmobile programs focus on free film screenings in non-traditional venues (parking lots, school yards, street corners, green spaces, community centers, etc.) for the general public and free filmmaking workshops for media-marginalized populations, specifically at-risk youth, girls and young women, recent immigrants, the homeless, seniors, people of color and low-income earners. These programs provide a fertile meeting space for skills building and the exchange and validation of ideas, knowledge, and experiences, empowering individuals to share their unique stories with the world. Running on waste-vegetable oil and solar power, the bus itself serves as a model of sustainability while simultaneously regenerating the long and noble tradition of itinerant cinema.

Filmmobile Summer Screening Series

Angelenos are invited to explore their changing urban landscape when the Filmmobile screens an array of classic films at (actual or implied) cinematic locations across the city. Historians, archivists and filmmakers provide introductions and context; local musicians create and perform original scores to accompany at least one silent film per season. Screenings start at 8 pm; the events are free and open to the general public. Locations announced 24 hour prior to showtime on Twitter: @EPFCFilmmobile.

Filmmobile Summer Screening Series 1