The Wabi Sabi Cinema Organica Super Fun Super 8 Summer Tour is ON!

EPFC | August 20th, 2019

Hi California! Join us for FREE workshops and screenings with Super 8 goddess Dagie Brundert! Fun for the whole family!

The Wabi Sabi Super Fun Cinema Organica Summer Tour 2019

Wunderbar Together! Learn how to make your own flower power art and check out plant-inspired cinema from Berlin and beyond when German Super 8 Filmmaker Dagie Brundert and friends roll into town with the Echo Park Film Center’s LA AIRport for some summertime movie magic.

Workshop: Cinema Organica

At this all-ages workshop, we’ll explore a bouquet of fun, eco-art processes including phytograms, cyanotypes and direct animation. FREE! Family-friendly. No filmmaking experience necessary. All supplies and materials provided by Echo Park Film Center.

Screening: Travelling Is Damn Necessary Says The Old Seagull: An evening of films by Dagie Brundert & Friends


Films by Dagie Brundert

Durch Rotwein durch / Through Red Wine (2006, 2 min)

The Palm Tree Song Line (2008, 1:51 min)

Nightlight (2009, 2:22 min)

Turn Baby Turn (2010, 2:12 min)

I see the sea and the sea sees me (2011, 1:45 min)

2 Cowboys Smoking (2011, 1:26 min)

Tempelele (2012, 2:00 min )

Alvarado / Sunset (2013, 1:06 min)

Aroniol (2014, 2:07 min)

Am I Rich? Am I Rich? Am I Rich? (2015, 5 min)

Love, Peace & Animals (2017, 1:41 min)

Kicherlotto / Chick Pea Lotto (2019, 3:15 min)

Films by Dagie Brundert & Friends

The Wabi Sabi of Super 8: An EPFC Summer Youth Project (2008, 35 min)

The Sound We See: A Berlin City Symphony (2015, 27:42 min)

FREE! Family friendly! Everyone welcome! Bingo and refreshments provided!

About Dagie Brundert

I was born in a small town in the middle of West Germany. Beautiful nature, but boring after a while… I moved to Berlin and studied visual arts / experimental film. Fell in love with my Super 8 camera (Nizo) in 1988. Since then I try to be a particle-finder, a wave-catcher and a good story-teller. I try to absorb weird beautiful things from this world. Chew them and spit them out again.


About Echo Park Film Center and the LA AIRport

Echo Park Film Center is a non-profit media arts organization providing equal and affordable community access to film/video resources. With a special focus on youth and media-marginalized populations, EPFC programs and services use cinema as catalyst to inspire, educate and activate people around the world. Reimagining the traditional artist residency as street-level engagement, EPFC’s LA AIRport is an eco-friendly custom trailer funded by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association that transforms itself into a mobile residency space, cinema/projection portal and analog film lab in the blink of an eye!



Monday, August 19 – Lone Pine, CA

Tuesday, August 20 – Lee Vining, CA

Wednesday, August 21 – Carson City, CA

Thursday, August 22 – Grass Valley, CA

Friday, August 23 – Quincy, CA

Sunday, August 25 – Fort Bragg, CA

Tuesday, August 27 – Bolinas, CA

Wednesday, August 28 – Salinas, CA


The Wabi Sabi Super Fun Cinema Organica Summer Tour 2019 is made possible by Wunderbar Together: Germany and the US,  an initiative funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, implemented by Goethe Institut and supported by BDI The Voice of Germany Industry.