The Supermarket (Famous People)

EPFC | October 29th, 2019

guest curator: Zachary Epcar

On our fourth and final week, closing out the theme of EXTRAVAGANT ACTS, we have part two of Robert Ashley’s 1984 television opera ‘Perfect Lives’: ‘The Supermarket (Famous People)’

“The desert is the cocktail of the earth / if you know what I mean”


Turtle Dreams

EPFC | October 15th, 2019

guest curator: Zachary Epcar

This week, continuing the theme of EXTRAVAGANT ACTS, we have 1983’s ‘Turtle Dreams’ by Meredith Monk & Ping Chong.

“‘Turtle Dreams’ was created in the period when I was thinking about the artist as an antenna of society. The pieces were more about stating the ‘problem’ as I saw it, even if it was presented in a very oblique manner – seeing the occurrence and reflecting those energies in the piece. In a sense, more an apocalyptic vision.” – Meredith Monk.

See the film here!


Marvelous Movie Mondays: Extravagant Acts

EPFC | October 10th, 2019

guest curator: Zachary Epcar

The theme of this month is EXTRAVAGANT ACTS: four moving image works full of excesses of all kinds; vivid visuals; heightened gestures; performances outrageous and unwieldy; the delirious, the deviant, the utterly irrepressible.

To begin, Valie Export’s 1986 piece ‘Ein perfektes Paar oder die Unzucht wechselt ihre Haut (The Perfect Pair, or Indecency Sheds Its Skin)’

“Your eyes are the most beautiful blue ad space. Your cheek could promote Mercedes. Your neck could be a logo for styled technology. Your lips could be dollar bridges to dream islands.”


Marvelous Movie Mondays October Curator: Zachary Epcar

EPFC | October 1st, 2019

It’s a new month and we’re excited to announce the artist who will be taking the curatorial helm of MARVELOUS MOVIE MONDAYS for October. Please join us in welcoming…


Zachary Epcar (b. San Francisco) is a filmmaker whose work has screened at NYFF Projections, TIFF Wavelengths, the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Pacific Film Archive, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Crossroads, Onion City, Images Festival, and elsewhere. He is currently in an MFA program at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and is co-programmer of Light Field, an annual exhibition of experimental cinema in San Francisco.

Here’s a work by Zachary that you can check out: Under the Heat Lamp an Opening
An expanded view of the lunch crowd at an open-air restaurant, from a bird’s-eye of the exterior to the depths of the interior.
“The truncation of the narratives we might imagine follow on from these beginnings—they would, like every other object here, assuredly be banal — tears openings in the surface of the film which resonate out in weird, rippling vibrations…” – Phil Coldiron, Cinema Scope