Marvelous Movie Mondays

EPFC | December 5th, 2017

guest curator: Lorenzo Gattorna

December’s Theme: WOOD PUSHERS
dedicated to the act of skateboarding and, especially, those eyes behind the lens.

I have been riding a skateboard for the past twenty years. The challenges and creativity, the calm and chaos coming out now are sick. Approaches to architecture and social spaces continue to shift. The cinematographic process is in flux and f*cking awesome. The camera and concave have been in wedlock for decades, and their intensity and intimacy do not get much play. Here is a chance to revel in the experimental, extraordinary world of wood pushers.

A video by William Strobeck for Supreme/Thrasher

Strobeck abstracts figure and ground, and appreciates the oddities of daily life witnessed while on the deck. His long lens and slow motion tactics defy the longstanding traditions of fisheye and time remapping most associated with skateboard videography. His musical accompaniments also sync to and sway from the complex yet fluid movements documented. I have been so psyched on Fat Bill’s work since Alien Workshop’s Photosynthesis from 2000…