Between Monuments

EPFC | January 10th, 2017

guest curator: Brian C. Short


This week’s clip is the video for Valgeir Sigurðsson’s “Between Monuments” (from his 2012 album “Architecture of Loss”). The piece is a beautiful example of contemporary classical music currently produced in Iceland – also from the Reykjavik-based Bedroom Community label, as was last week’s piece by Ben Frost – and the animation that accompanies it is quite strong, both for its aesthetic merits, and for its address of the societal and environmental issues resulting from the (over)development of Iceland today. Though I am leery of didacticism in art, this piece holds a balance, speaking directly to the emotional sparsity of the music while both conveying and superseding any moral message beyond itself.

Video directed by Thomas Pons, with additional animation by Julie Stephen Chheng, Natalianne Boucher, and Sarah Escamilla.