EPFC | July 20th, 2016

Guest Curator: Christine Negus
Theme: The Trouble with Being Born

#3 – The Name of the Father

Thirza Cuthand, Through the Looking Glass, 1999, 14 min.

First off, congratulations! You have endured the teenage years – that tenuous time where survival questionable, especially if you are one of those people without a set place. So, maybe I should say CONGRATS are in order to all those folks.

(I never said you came out unscathed, but you’re here.)

Moving past the foundational years (which seem like a cruel joke because people are constantly pulling the ground out from under your feet) you are welcomed to a regimented world where you are told to fall in line.

Definitions abound and you are hailed to picks sides to define yourself in various ways. RED or WHITE. BLACK or BLUE.

Dedicated to those who unabashedly refuse to erase their multi-faceted subjects, let’s all extend a giant middle finger to binaries and those forcing us to assimilate ourselves on their terms.