EPFC | January 14th, 2016

guest curator: Eric W Mast (aka E*Rock)
theme for the month: Lo-Fi Comedy

“I became a big fan of Los Angeles comedian Brent Weinbach first through his stand-up, and then a super-fan through his role in Poundhouse, but he also produces some excellent shorts. “Soft Pianist” has a very Weinbachian style, sort of playful comedy in the style of early television pioneers like Ernie Kovacs, in that its experimental with the format and shows sheer joy in creating . Brent gets a chance to show off a bit of his piano playing chops, and I appreciate the music jokes as well as the NES nerd easter eggs… but really its all about Brent’s delivery. Its the type of delivery that can make you laugh way before there’s a punch line on the horizon. Spouting nonsense, he can create an unexpected character or poignant accent that you’re not sure where it comes from but lands hard. A creative dude who made some classic zero budget videos of recent years. Brent always makes an impression when he appears on other peoples’ productions, but his self directed videos really kill.”