Marvelous Movie Mondays: Skin

EPFC | March 5th, 2019

guest curator: Ariel Kavoussi

The theme for this month: “WHAT’S THE BODY GOT TO DO WITH IT?”

Is the ‘body’ a source for resistance? Or is it a tool used to control? Which ‘bodies’ matter most? Which matter least? How does society imbue certain ‘bodies’ with greater or lesser power relative to others? Can anything be done to disrupt these disparities?

To start this series off with a bang I’ve chosen “Skin” (1995), written by Sarah Kane and directed by Vincent O’Connell. This British short premiered at the London Film Festival and was later given its television debut on Channel 4. It stars the brilliant Ewen Bremmer (TRAINSPOTTING, JULIEN-DONKEY BOY) and Marcia Rose. In “Skin,” Bremmer, playing a violent skinhead, comes into contact with a black woman (Rose) who lives across the street.

In the 90s Sarah Kane came to be recognized as a brilliant, intense, but highly controversial playwright. She died tragically early, a victim of suicide at 28 – we can only wonder what else she would have produced given more time on this planet.

Kane created work known for being difficult to stage and “Skin” is no different. Cheers to director Vincent O’Connell for what he accomplished in this film.

“Skin,” made in the UK over 24 years ago, could not be more relevant to what’s happening in America today. I hesitate to talk about this film too in depth for fear of giving anything away, but if you were one of the folks who was not crazy about GREEN BOOK winning best film this year at the Oscars you’ll want to watch this one.

Fun Fact: During the making of this short film Marcia Rose and Ewen Bremner fell in love, had a baby together, and are still married to this day! (Although you might not want to think of that while you’re watching… )

Enjoy “Skin”!