Dirty Girls

EPFC | July 15th, 2016

Guest Curator: Christine Negus
Theme: The Trouble with Being Born

#2 – The Kids will NEVER be Alright

Michael Lucid, Dirty Girls, 2000, 17:57 min.

If the great and ominous cosmos doesn’t illicit terror in you, I have one word that will – teenagers.

The ghosts of horny, bursting, writhing, sprouting, half-baked humans haunt our existence from birth. Our future lies in front, but it is decidedly full of precocious, pimpled pricks trying to break people down.

Not only should the horror of becoming one strike fear in us all, but nothing is more of an affront to emerging identities than being trapped in the anarchy of adolescence, a place where people are scrutinizing our fragile selves and describing us with phrases like – “the girl who didn’t take a shower since Kurt Cobain died.”

From the mouths of babes…