This Week On Optical Track: Eastside Radio and AIR on the Air Episode 11!

EPFC | June 1st, 2021

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Tuesday, June 1 features the second instalment of Eastside Radio: Grandview-Woodland Food Connection followed by AIR on the Air Episode 11 with Marco Kane Braunschweiler. Can’t catch the live broadcast? Programs are archived at


EPFC | June 8th, 2015

guest curator: Erin Christovale

hi folks, it’s Erin Christovale and every monday this month i’ll be sharing some of my favorite shorts around the theme of freedom portals. i’ve been thinking about this concept and the ways in which it manifests itself in the present day. as people (especially the youth) are uprising in solidarity to find ways to “get free” whether it be around issues of immigration, gender, police violence, etc. i’d like to explore how artists are interpreting this moment, especially through a speculative lens.

the first piece is by artist, Marco Braunschweiler who rotoscoped and compiled several interviews of james baldwin. i first saw this piece at aran cravey gallery earlier this year. it makes me wonder what roles leaders from the past are playing in this current moment and how folks are interpreting their ideologies in order to move forward. let’s talk about it.

(i’ll be reposting all of these on Black Radical Imagination)

RHETORIC EXHIBITION – 5 VIDEOS from Marco Kane Braunschweiler on Vimeo.