EPFC | February 26th, 2015

All members of EPFC have access to the lending library of books, film prints, DVDs and VHS tapes. Here are some titles that would be fun to enjoy in March.

Dennis Doros and Amy Heller of Milestone Films will be coming to the Echo Park Film Center on March 3rd to attend the screening “LA FILMFORUM PRESENTS: PROJECT SHIRLEY”. Prepare yourself for their arrival by watching another film distributed by Milestone Films, the beautiful drama KILLER OF SHEEP (1978).

Every month, the EPFC 16mm library is raided for the delightful and surprising VINEGAR SYNDROME screenings. Why not rent a projector, and borrow a few film reels such as “WHEN IN IRELAND” to have a similar screening event at home? Uncover some rare gems, and enjoy them!

Actor Frank Lovejoy was born on March 28th. Celebrate his life by borrowing the chilling drama “THE HITCH-HIKER” (1953), directed by Ida Lupino and featuring Lovejoy as one of two friends traveling to Mexico who pick up a mysterious hitch-hiker.