The Road To Magnasanti

EPFC | May 22nd, 2018

guest curator: LJ Frezza

Just as all movies end, we will all end, and even this planet will end. What will come after is unknowable. But before all that, I’ll be posting videos that address progress, eschatology, and other terminal points.

This week, we’ll continue to explore the end, and in particular, the end of New York, with THE ROAD TO MAGNASANTI. Named for the most perfect game of Sim City ever played, in which all urban space was optimized for maximum population density, THE ROAD TO MAGNASANTI shows an old city is demolished to make room for luxury developments. Through a collage of wandering street-videography and a rambling yet insightful voice-over, director John Wilson explores hyper-gentrification, the police state, and the comedic absurdity of the city, questioning why the old New York has to end and just who this New New York is being built for.

THE ROAD TO MAGNASANTI (John Wilson, 2017)