Itinerant Horoscopes

EPFC | July 6th, 2016

Guest Curator: Christine Negus
Theme: The Trouble with Being Born

Happy July 4th America! On this celebratory day of the birth of a nation let’s begin to look at some of the traumas that are part and parcel of coming into existence.

#1 – Born Under a Bad Sign

Kelly Kaczynski, Itinerant Horoscopes, 2011, 12:38 min.

Celestial bodes have been plotting against us since FOREVER. Though we can’t separate ourselves from the social, political and cultural circumstances that help shape who we are, it would be remiss to dismiss the truest determinant of our lives – what sign we are born under.

We are nothing if not fools under a system, put in place by astrological circumstances, and our identities unfold before us in the horoscope sections of local newspapers, magazine and internet articles.

There’s nothing like a fucking star telling you who you are…