I, An Actress

EPFC | April 7th, 2017

Guest curator: Sophia Peer

Each video I post this month, will show an artist/filmmaker/actor succeeding in unpredictable ways. Their mistakes have their own magic. This has been on my mind in reference to a series I’m currently writing and directing, based around the acting career of Annie P., a New Yorker who has always wanted to act but never did anything about it till now, in her mid 50’s. She has opened herself up to every possible opportunity to perform, no matter how appropriate the project is for her skill-set.

Annie reached out in response to a craigslist casting call I posted, and we met for an audition at a Burger King (her choice). It immediately became clear to me that Annie’s zeal outweighed her inexperience. I decided that directing Annie would actualize our respective career goals. I’m very interested in what happens in film and video when you bite off more than you can chew; something I do almost every time. The chaotic nature of filmmaking for even the most experienced people, begs the question- does anyone really know what they’re doing anyway? Can straight up chutzpah be the only necessary ingredient to achieving success?

A great artist and friend- Jennifer Sullivan– recently showed me a George Kuchar film- I, an Actress. The worst direction brings out the best performances, from both the actor and director.