Now Showing in the EPFC LA Window-Cine: Selections from Christina Battle’s Notes To Self

EPFC | December 2nd, 2020

Now showing in the window at 1200 N Alvarado St: a selection from Christina Battle’s series Notes to Self. Playing 24/7 for at least two weeks, but best seen after the sun has gone down. Come see it before curfew! @c_l_battle
pictured: still from ‘try to remember what it is that you need [July 19, 2020]

Notes to Self is an ongoing series of videos documenting a simple, repetitive act as a way to mimic our fleeting engagement with social media status updates. Fragments of text, in the form of notes to myself, are set on fire with varying degrees of success. Unlike social media updates, the fate of these updates is controlled and finite, existing only for a few seconds before being completely destroyed. The notes, which range from humourous reminders and revelations to recollections about larger societal events, are simple in both form and execution, allowing for a critical and considered viewing response.

This Week at EPFC North: Intro to Super 8 Cinematography and Hand-Processing October 3

EPFC | September 29th, 2020

Workshop: Intro to Super 8
Saturday, October 3, 2020
1 – 5 pm
Learn to shoot and hand-process Super 8 film with friends during our Intro to Super 8 Filmmaking workshop. This class will cover camera mechanics, cinematography, hand-processing and editing. At the end of four hours, we’ll enjoy the world premiere of our collaborative experimental documentary film set right here at Moberly Park. Free event! Everyone welcome!

*Please Note: Physical distancing safety protocols are in effect for all EPFC North Moberly Fieldhouse events. Workshop activities and screenings will take place outdoors with 2-meter spacing required between individuals. Please bring a mask; we will have some on hand if you forget. Disposable vinyl gloves and hand sanitizer provided. We are unable to serve refreshments so please provide your own snack if you’d like something to eat or drink during the workshop. Thanks for your cooperation in helping to keep everyone healthy!

This Week In The EPFC Window-Cine: Frente a Frente by Caitlin Díaz

EPFC | September 21st, 2020

WINDOW-CINE is open 24 hours a day, showing silent films (or sound films silently) in our window at 1200 N Alvarado St.
Now showing: Frente a Frente by Caitlin Díaz @shinykid , a dual projection 16mm film she made while an artist-in-residence at EPFC in 2016. Caitlin is working on a new film commissioned by us with a grant from the @mike_kelley_foundation , so keep an eye out for a potential instagram takeover by her as she works on eco-processing over the next couple months.
We’ll be changing up the selection every other week or so. So stop by if you’re out for a walk in the neighborhood and watch a film!

This Week with the EPFC North FILMCYCLE: Films from Mexico!

EPFC | September 16th, 2020

Mobile Screening (Outdoors with the Filmcycle): Short Films from Mexico
Wednesday, September 16
8 PM – 10 PM
To celebrate 210 years of Mexican Independence (Sept. 16, 1810) we will be riding our EPFC North FIlmCYCLE around Vancouver’s Grandview Woodland neighborhood screening shorts films from our Mexico City sister film co-op LEC (Laboratorio Experimental Del Cine). Grab your bike and your revolutionary spirt and LET’S RIDE!!! Free event! Everyone welcome!

Please be mindful that smoke from Washington State fires may be impacting Vancouver’s air quality…  Prioritize your well being! If need be, we urge you to stay home and stay healthy! 

Still image from Filmador e Hijo / Filmer and Son by Antonio Bunt

This Week at EPFC North: The Sounds of Silence – Ambient Sound Recording for Film September 19

EPFC | September 14th, 2020

Workshop (In Person Outside at Moberly Fieldhouse): The Sounds of Silence: Ambient Sound Recording for Film
Saturday, September 19
1 PM – 5 PM
It is time to close your eyes and discover the amazing world of sound all around you. This 4-hour workshop invites participants to record ambient sounds with user-friendly technology for future cinematic soundtracks. Please bring a recording device (phone, digital recorder etc.) if you have one, otherwise equipment will be provided. Free event! Everyone welcome!