EPFC | January 27th, 2016

guest curator: Eric W Mast (aka E*Rock)
theme for the month: Lo-Fi Comedy

“I feel like I can’t talk about new lo-fi comedy without mentioning my homie Mikey’s “2 Wet Crew” project. I know Mikey Kampan from Portland but he has since moved to Los Angeles and does a monthly comedy night with DJ Dougpound and they’ve created a video practice where they make a new video to premier each month at their live comedy night. The humor is absurd and they often are each other’s camera and crew with a $0 budget, dubbing all dialogue and ridiculous sound effects in post, pushing each other to abstract extremes. Doug is a bit a professional comedian/editor, so I love that they still keep this sort of experimental comedy practice going for the sheer enjoyment of the medium. Also, they’re just weird dudes who have provided me with many laughs.”