SWS Baltimore Begins May 19!

EPFC | May 17th, 2022

The 24th instalment of our global city symphony project launches this week with 14 fabulous students at the Baltimore School for the Arts… we can’t wait for the Super 8 fun to begin!

This Week at EPFC North: Super 8 and 16mm Cinematography Saturday plus Cine Cooks Sunday

EPFC | April 19th, 2022

Rain or shine, the cinematic magic is always flowing at EPFC North Moberly Fieldhouse!

Workshop (Outside at Moberly Fieldhouse): INTRO TO SUPER 8 & 16mm WORKSHOP
Saturday, April 23
1 pm – 4 pm
Learn how to collaboratively shoot and process a movie using fabulous Super 8 and 16mm cameras and film! This month: in-camera special effect! Free event! Everyone welcome!

Workshop (Online and In Person Outdoors at Moberly Fieldhouse): CINE COOKS
Sunday, April 24
10 am – 1 pm
Why use toxic chemistry to develop your Super 8, 16mm or 35mm film when you can get fantastic results without harming Mother Earth? Join us in the EPFC North Kitchen as we cook up some tasty analog film processing experiments using non-toxic ingredients from the pantry, park, farmer’s market, garden and grocery store. Each month we’ll develop half a roll of black & white film with caffenol and the other half in a fresh seasonal soup… Recipes and supplies list provided prior to the workshop for those who want to process along in real time! This month: cabbage! Free even; all welcome. Sign up here:

U-BREW: Making Beer and Beer Developer with Shapeshifters Cinema

EPFC | November 17th, 2020

kitchen pot alchemy

Kitchen Pot Alchemy: Beer-making for Filmmakers
Instructor: Gilbert Guerrero
Saturday, November 21, 2020
1-4pm PST
Meeting via live video

In this one-day workshop, led by Shapeshifters Co-director and owner of Temescal Homebrewing Gilbert Guerrero, participants will learn how to brew a one-gallon batch of beer using simple ingredients and equipment found in their own kitchens. This workshop includes a brief discussion on the history and chemistry of beer brewing and step-by-step instructions on mashing, sparging, boiling, cooling, and pitching the yeast to make your own beer. The end product will be a seasonal beer that can either be consumed or used as an alternative film processing solution (in a second workshop: Eco-Brew, see below!). Register by November 18th.

Eco Brew Workshop

Eco-Brew: Hand-Processing with Beer and Other Natural Materials
Instructors: Lisa Marr and Paolo Davanzo
Sunday, November 29, 2020
1-4pm PST
Meeting via live video

Why use toxic chemistry to develop your Super 8, 8mm, 16mm or 35mm film when you can get fantastic results with ingredients from your own garden and kitchen?

In this one-day workshop, led by Lisa Marr and Paolo Davanzo of Echo Park Film Center, participants will learn how to use beer, coffee, flowers and other organic materials to make their own eco-friendly developers for photographic and motion-picture film. A companion workshop to Kitchen Pot Alchemy: Beer-making for Filmmakers, this workshop includes a brief discussion on the history and chemistry of eco-processing, helpful hints for setting up a processing lab at home, and step-by-step instructions on your own tasty organic cinematic brews. DIY Echo Eco textbook included! Register by November 26th.

This Week At EPFC North: Super 8 Processing!

EPFC | August 27th, 2020

As the Sound We See: South Vancouver continues, we’re hosting a Super 8 processing session at Moberly Fieldhouse Saturday, August 29 between 1 and 5 pm for those who have already shot their hours and those who are still interested in getting involved and want to learn more! Come on down!

Afrikan Space Program Forever

EPFC | August 17th, 2020

Catch the latest eco-processed Super 8 cinematic wonder by EPFC 2018 LA AIR artist Nesanet Teshager Abegaze, screening Saturday, August 22 at 10 AM as part of the the 2020 BlackStar Film Festival. Go, Nes!

From 2020 BlackStar Film Festival program:

Afrikan Space Program Forever – Dir. Nesanet Teshager Abegaze

Short Documentary, United States, 2020, 6 min.

World Premiere

The Ras G music festival was held in Leimert Park on August 10, 2019 as a loving tribute to community champion, musical genius, and visionary Gregory Shroter — aka Ras G. The Super 8 film was eco-processed by hand with flowers, coffee, and berbere at the Echo Park Film Center by the Director.