EPFC | May 27th, 2015

Marvelous Movie Mondays

Guest Curator Ben Popp

I first saw this film last year at the NW Animation Festival and fell in love with its goofy quirkiness. It certainly is a mix between animation and good old filmmaking, but the playfulness and ease in which the film is constructed and executed makes me smile and I hope it too will make you smile!

SUNNY AFTERNOON from Thomas Renoldner on Vimeo.


EPFC | May 19th, 2015

guest curator: Ben Popp

For this third installment of psychedelic animation witness the strange world of Peter Millard. A UK based animator who I recently became aware of. I love Peter’s use of the medium to boldly go forth into the world of the strange and unknown while keeping a playful tone. It is this sort of animation that originally drew me to the medium as I became aware that perhaps I too could make animation despite my own lack of ability to draw nicely and whatnot. So sit back and behold Peter Millard’s Boogodobiegodongo

Boogodobiegodongo from peter millard on Vimeo.


EPFC | May 11th, 2015

guest curator: Ben Popp
Continuation of Psychedelic Animation for Marvelous Mondays!

Today features contemporary Animator Amy Lockhart and her incredibly bizarre and strange film “Walk for Walk”. I first saw this film at Onion City and was excited because I knew some of the characters from the Shrimpy Paul comic by Marc Bell, but the way Amy churned the animated landscape was like nothing else i had seen, but could not peel my eyes away. I love to show this film to the youths when teaching animation, especially when they think they know of all the “weird” stuff and then I just blow them away with Amy’s film! So enjoy!!


EPFC | May 4th, 2015

guest curator: Ben Popp

For the month of May, my theme is Psychedelic Animation!!! While this type of animation can range between trippy hypnotic and zany and wild, I am choosing the later for the films to post. And first up is the brilliant and wonderful Sally Cruikshank!! While having made works for Sesame Street the Children’s Television Workshop, it is her short series staring Quasi the “duck” and Annita that really made her an independent and experimental animator. Sally’s animations have such lush and vibrant colors that morph from one scene into the other with an ease of a Sunday breeze. All the while her characters have tasted the kool aid so to speak and have left behind the pre-adolescent realm of children’s cartoons and entered the world of sex, drugs and rock n roll! Sally is a true pioneer of programs such as Liquid Television and Adult Swim which host an array of strange cartoons meant not just for the kiddies! In her film “Make Me Psychic” from 1978, Annita scores a contraption which gives her the powers to make anything happen and of course takes it to a party! Who Wouldn’t do that?! You can get a dvd of Sally Cruikshank’s works by going to but first enjoy Make Me Psychic !