SP (Saõ Paulo)

EPFC | June 26th, 2017

Marvelous Movie Mondays!!!
Guest Curator: Elena Pardo

Women Alchemists

Azucena Losana is an artist and filmmaker who works at Arcoiris film lab in Buenos Aires. She shares with us her thoughts about the dark room:

“I strongly believe that the film lab gives out superpowers. The sense of sight loses its supremacy and the body is commanded by smell, hearing and touch. The broth is ready, at the right temperature. I turn off the lights. My tools are handy. My pupils are dilated to the max and yet I see nothing. I am protecting those tiny impressions of light that are going to be fixed forever in small frames of film. I start counting out loud: 501, 502, 503, 504 … I feel the temperature of the liquid through the gloves during the agitation … 512, 513 … I hear the water running… 523, 524 … I see thoughts … 559, 560… It’s time to turn on the lights. There they are! Tiny sculptures made out of light, probably made by the little bird that worked inside the Flintstone’s instant camera sculpting the stone with its beak. It’s fixer time…501, 502…”

SP (Saõ Paulo)
Is a short film made in Sao Paulo, Brazil registering some long distance travels through the city on public transportation. The trip begins at the University of Sao Paulo and ends in the Santa Ines favela , where I had the fortune to collaborate with the collective “Mundo em Foco”, the only organization in Sao Paulo that works with super film 8.