This Week On Optical Track: Ariel Teal and DJ Wilvis!

EPFC | October 14th, 2021

Optical Track is EPFC’s weekly cinematic radio show on! Join us Tuesday October 12, 8 – 10 pm for AIR on the Air Episode 24 with LA AIR 2015 artist in residence Ariel Teal followed by a female-fueled set by EPFC’s own DJ Wilvis.

Can’t tune in for the live broadcast? Shows are archived at

AIR on the Air is supported by The Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts.


EPFC | September 11th, 2017
Welcome back to Marvelous Movie Mondays!
On this 11th day of September, we continue our salute to EPFC Coop Members and the power of protest with Ariel Teal’s RISE.
Ariel Teal is an interdisciplinary artist and currently an MFA candidate in Film, Video, Animation & New Genres at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her work explores ideas of gender, sexuality, femme-ness and empowerment.
“Rise is the pause before revolution, the breath we take before enacting change. Reflecting on personal and shared experience, I remember to fight.”–Ariel Teal

Scotch Tape Cinema and Sound

EPFC | July 1st, 2015

Our latest Vimeo upload is a compilation of work created by Margie Schnibbe, Ariel Teal, Anna Ayeroff, and Victoria Delgadillo in the Scotch Tape Cinema and Sound class taught by Mike Stoltz on June 14, 2015. Enjoy!

SCOTCHTAPE CINEMA AND SOUND from Echo Park Film Center on Vimeo.