One Day In July / Tawfiq’s Reef

EPFC | May 23rd, 2017

guest curator: Roger Hill

One Day In July
(Animated Short by Hermes Mangialardo Non)
A child plays with sand on a beach, but a soldier comes with his gun…

Tawfiq’s Reef
(Short Documentary by Anas Hamra and Roger Hill)
Tawfiq’s Reef is centered on the legacy of Tawfiq Abu Riyala, a Gaza fisherman who was shot dead by the Israeli Navy while attempting to build a man-made reef off the coast of Gaza, in order to catch fish and provide for his family.

The theme of May is “Stateless” and explores the works of diaspora Syrian and Palestinian artists and their stories. Today we look at two films that highlight what life is like in the Gaza Strip…especially for those families trying to make a living from the sea.