EPFC | July 27th, 2015

guest curator: Scott Fitzpatrick
Hi again EPFC’ers !! Can you believe that July has come and gone already? Time! I’m feeling wistful. This will be my last entry for Marvelous Movie Mondays on the theme of POST-FILM (material flicks on 16 and 35mm film made without the use of photochemical processes), and I’d like to thank both the Echo Park Film Center and my pal Charlotte Taylor for throwing this opportunity my way. It’s been a lot of fun sharing some of my favourite werido movies with you! heart emoticon
A couple of the films I shared already made use of some pretty wild hi-tech machinery to render their images (a 3D printer, a digital laser engraver). For this last one though, fellow Winnipegger and pal o’ mine Rhayne Vermette needed just an Exacto knife and some splicing tape. It’s called “Scene Missing”, it’s less than a minute long, and it’s totally devastating. I think it’s probably the shortest movie to ever make me cry. I recommend watching it over and over and over for maximum effect. I hope you enjoy.
“Is this your first visit here?”
“Well this whole thing must seem kinda strange to you, huh? You realize that I can’t see you even though you see me. Well that takes a little getting used to.. Oh. Am I looking at your face now? (laughs) It don’t matter.”