Round The Bend

EPFC | March 14th, 2016

guest curator: Yoshi Sodoeka
theme: Artist made music videos.
Beck – Round The Bend
Directed by Jeremy Blake

In the late 90’s, I met Jeremy a couple of times when he was working for a web design company in Soho, NYC with his girlfriend Theresa. I didn’t even know he was an artist back then. Then a few years after, I found out that he was beginning to become a known video artist. It was a nice surprise. I remember seeing his abstract HD video on a plasma screen in an art gallery and it totally blew me away. I think he was one of the first to show a work like that in that kind of setting. Later on, I learned about both Jeremy and Theresa’s passing… I was really sad to hear the news.

This is a video he made for Beck. I think it’s one of his best.