Marvelous Movie Mondays: The Heavy of Your Body Parts and The Cool Air of The Air Condition

EPFC | September 4th, 2019

guest curator: Florrie James

Day Job, Night Shift, Soul Work: The films I show for this month’s Marvelous Movie Mondays will all concern work and working life in all its disparate forms including manual labour and the day job, new forms of work, emotional labour and digital nomadism.

This weeks addition will be a marvelous example of the intricacies of the working life and its emotional effects on a new era of the spiritual expat workforce as they travel the globe on knock-off luxury cruise ships. The Heavy of Your Body Parts and The Cool Air of The Air Conditioning by Ross Little follows a group of digital nomads and hippies on a repositioning cruise from Gran Canaria to Brazil before visiting a ship wrecking yard in India. The dreamy pace and poetic structure of this bizarre documentary present the strange warping of digital labour and economic migration as it shows labour hierarchies within the cruise ship as well as the extreme working conditions at the boat yard in India. Laced with a classic Ross Little style battle between cynicism and spirituality, and a wide spiralling narrative. When exhibiting this film at Collective Gallery in Edinburgh, Ross Little kept a live Jellyfish in the entrance to the screening room, perhaps as a gesture to the tentacular beings that we are forced to become in this era of working with your mind body and soul.

Ross Little is an artist filmmaker based in Glasgow and is part of the Lies and Liars production company along with myself and Georgia Horgan. In 2015 Ross Little was awarded the ‘Didact Prize for Meaning’ from the not very prestigious Integrity Painting Prize and has continued to live up to this award in his recent film My body as A Weapon as Yours is, a short film set during the recent Armenian uprisings.