Marvelous Movie Mondays: Flick-O-Rama

EPFC | July 4th, 2019

guest curator: Sean J Kenny

HELLOOO film lovers! Welcome to the July version of MARVELOUS MOVIE MONDAYS. I’m pleased as punch to be your host this month. The theme I have chosen is “FLICK-O-RAMA” -an entirely made-up phrase used to describe films that tap-dance across my neurons in such a wonderfully chaotic-yet-rhythmic way that I feel enlivened and hypnotized at the same time. Sometimes I’m forced to my feet to dance in a joyful trance. And I hope you’ll feel the magic too.

The first film of July is Roger Beebe ‘s “TB TX DANCE.”

Roger, “printed directly on the film, taping short pieces of clear leader (26 frames, to be exact) to a regular piece of office paper to feed it through the laser printer.” Thanks Roger Beebe for letting us include this piece. I recommend playing “TB TX DANCE” at high volume. Also, give yourself some space for tribal dancing and-or play along with a percussive instrument. It will take you…somewhere. And, if you enjoy this type of cinema, follow Roger on Vimeo and attend one of his live performances. I LOVE that I can watch this film while zipping across town on the bus, but nothing beats live cinema. See you next Monday with another film.

Sean Kenny
The Pickle Fort Film Collective
Guest Curator