Marvelous Movie Mondays: Everybody Dies!

EPFC | February 19th, 2020

guest curator: Bernardo Britto

theme: social issue films that deal with their subject matter in ways that are not boring and obvious but rather new, fun, different, and cinematic

Everybody Dies! By Nuotama Frances Bodomo was made as part of a feature film called collective:unconscious. The idea was that four filmmakers would adapt each other’s dreams. While the feature as a whole is interesting and worth watching, Bodomo’s segment stands out as more than just a part of a whole. And much more than just the adaptation of a dream. In some ways, this is probably one of the most underrated short films of the past ten years. It’s something that could have so easily come off as cheesy or dumb or maybe even seem like it was trivializing a very serious topic. But Bodomo knows exactly the tone she’s going for and she nails it perfectly. It’s funny and entertaining while at the same time tragic and deeply disturbing. It’s wholly original while still being completely accessible. It’s impossible to watch it and not feel somewhat shaken up. It’s a film that film channels the rage, frustration, and despair of the #BlackLivesMatter movement into something truly haunting, as Bodomo uses a surreal game show to expose the reality of what’s actually going on: young black people being killed for no reason.