Marvelous Movie Mondays

EPFC | February 3rd, 2020

guest curator: Bernardo Britto

In honor of Black History Month, the start of primaries for the 2020 election, and the 5th anniversary of my American citizenship test, I wanted to highlight a few social issue films that deal with their subject matter in ways that are not boring and obvious but rather new, fun, different, and cinematic.

First off are two (very) short documentaries from Joe Callander. “Tim and Susan Have Matching Handguns” and “Tina Delivers a Goat”. Both have overly descriptive titles that also double as loglines. Both premiered at Sundance in 2014. And both do a great job of mining human comedy out of actual issues (gun ownership for Tim and Susan / colonialism, white guilt, and global inequality for Tina). The straightforward documentary presentation exposes the absurdity of the situation without minimizing or trivializing the topics, and without providing any sort of easy answer or definitive statements.

Tim & Susan: