Into The Streets

EPFC | November 7th, 2016

Guest curator: David Zlutnick

This month’s theme is “Documenting the Movements,” featuring short video covering contemporary struggles for social justice. With tomorrow being Election Day, it seems to many (and it may very well be true) that the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Yet oddly enough there were three 90-minute presidential debates during which not one question was asked about climate change, an issue that really could doom humanity unless urgent action is taken. As such I figured it was appropriate to lead off this month with a short documentary looking at the environmental justice movement, and specifically the global movement for climate action.

In September 2014 hundreds of thousands of people flooded the streets of New York City to participate in the People’s Climate March, demanding global action against climate change. Though several international mass actions have taken place since, it was and remains the largest ever protest for climate justice. The Meerkat Media Collective (, based in NYC, produced an excellent short documentary about the march, capturing beautiful images from the day along with a diverse mix of voices from those participating.

Watch Into the Streets here: