Marvelous Movie Mondays

EPFC | October 10th, 2016

Marvelous Movie Mondays!!
guest curator: Salise Hughes

Our theme this month is Seattle Plays Hollywood, where we will look at a collection of clips from five Seattle inspired movies and TV series that impose a little Hollywood glamour and surrealism on my home town.

McQ is a 1974 film staring John Wayne as an aging Seattle cop who lives on a house boat. According to Wikipedia Dirty Harry was originally to be shot in Seattle and was offered first to Wayne who turned it down. Feeling he made a mistake Wayne made McQ and kept the Seattle location. this was the era of the great car chases and I had to choose from two posted on Youtube. One is a tour of downtown Seattle and I-5 freeway ramps reminiscent of the car chase in Bullitt made a few years earlier. But the other is the final climatic chase ending on the Washington coastline. The action of the scene is framed by the pristine and very chilly ocean beach of the Quinault Indian Reservation.