Long Beach Community Media Arts Tutorial #1: MAKE A ZINE!

EPFC | June 23rd, 2022

LBCMA Tutorial #1 – Making a multiple page zine from one sheet of paper.

In our first installment of LBCMA video tutorials, @epfcfilmmobile collective member Minerva Lerner, shows us how to assemble a multiple page zine useing only one sheet of paper! Check link in bio for all of the printable materials.
From Minerva:
The Little Red Enchiridion
Published in 1848, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’s Communist Manifesto summarizes the Communist Party’s beliefs about society and money, and lays out their predictions and hopes for the future of an economic system called Communism. The Little Red Enchiridion (en-kah-rid-ee-uhn) is a student’s best friend when learning the basics of Marx’s Communism.
Assemble the printable version found in the link in bio. Available in a multi-page format for 8.5” x 11” paper or as a single-page foldable for 11” x 17” paper.