Kenny Powers

EPFC | April 24th, 2017

Marvelous Movie Mondays

Guest curator: Sophia Peer

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a character who generally gets it wrong, failing hard, but when they get it right- they get it SO right. Kenny Powers in Eastbound & Down is a great example.

I recommend you look past what this show may appear to be. I get it, it’s a mullet dude on a wave runner, spewing misogynistic sound bites for teenage boys to store as one-liners that degrade women. I felt a lot of resistance towards watching this show because of that, but if you check it out, I think you’ll find that this show is about doing the best with what you got, to achieve seemingly impossible dreams by using extreme force and determination. Kenny can’t settle for being anything but the man he fantasizes himself to be.

Here’s a great quote:
“Fearlessness looks like insanity to a coward”
-Louis Farrakhan

And here’s a scene from the final season (but watch them all!):