EPFC | May 2nd, 2016

Happy May!!!! New month means time to welcome a new artist to the curatorial helm of MARVELOUS MOVIE MONDAYS, our weekly online-only screening series bringing a bit of cinema into your Facebook feed each and every Monday! Please join us in welcoming…

Ephraim is an African American Artist, Filmmaker, DJ, Radio
Host, and Traveler. One of the points of focus in his work is the African Diaspora as a cultural force—a lineage of years and miles that influences contemporary African-American identity and the cultural identity of North America in general. His work often weaves together the near and the far as a way of revealing linkages across history and geography. Thus far Ephraim’s work has been filmed on location in Ghana, Brazil and Ethiopia as well as in Philadelphia and Harlem. His complex, poetic documentaries fuse travelogue, narrative, and experimental investigation in order to explore how history and memory bear on the present- shaping the navigation and inhabitation of people and places. Through audio-visual examinations of societal iconography, identity, geography, and architecture, he strives to present a personal vision which could be describes as an amalgam of African American and moving image culture filtered through an acute sense od rhythmic improvisation and compositional awareness.
WELCOME, EPHRAIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And now, please check out Ephraim’s FORGED WAYS from 2011. From Ephraim: “FORGED WAYS (2011),the first in an ongoing series of films exploring my personal connection to the African Diaspora, was photographed on location in Harlem,and various locations throughout Ethiopia. The film oscillates between the first person account of a film maker, the third person experience of a man navigating the streets of Harlem, and day to day life in the cities and villages of Ethiopia.”