WRECKED: Films by Ian Curry 2012 – 2016


Doors 7:30; $5 admission.

Ian Curry’s 16mm films are characterized by unique moments or observations, rushing energies of light, striking rhythmic edits, double system soundscapes, and expanded cinema presentations. His films and videos have been screened at: The Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, Microlights, The Nightingale, The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, DOC films, Mass Art Film Society, and the Millennium Film Workshop. He studied at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and The University of Illinois at Chicago.


 The Rectangle Factory (2012) *8 minutes *16mm

A silent film that outlines the process and labor surrounding the making of frames for hanging artwork. The Rectangle factory is created within the tradition of 16mm educational filmmaking while considering a humorous parallel between both crafts and their common goal of framing an image.

All Day (2013) *9 minutes *16mm Double Projection

The film follows a restaurant work day from opening to closing creating the feeling of a sleepless night where one dreams they are still working and filling orders to the sound of a mechanical printer. The psyched out visuals and double projection work to enhance the sensation of the tension of working “in the weeds” at a high end restaurant.

Wrecked (2012) *6 minutes *16mm Projection Improvisation

Brightly colored found footage film is heavily manipulated by focal choices performed live on a projector’s lens pronouncing the vibrant colors contained in the imagery of a horrific drunk driving accident involving a young couple.

 Remains to be Seen *9 minutes *16mm Double Projection Improvisation

Made of the same fifty foot 16mm tracking shot repeated approximately eight times with ongoing improvisations that embellish the absurd suggestion of an anonymous doctor from an educational film of the 1980s. In the tracking shot, the doctor makes a grand prediction whose logic seems increasingly in error or at odds with itself while the prints condition becomes increasingly worse suggesting the strain of this unfulfilled promise to most Americans thirty years later.

The 51st Star (2014) *9 minutes *16mm

A resolute voice from a cave condemns “Yankilandia” for subjecting the world to its will by holding the atom bomb over its head. Ringing sounds of the cosmos radiate over a flower. A disconcerting force is moving through a paradise caught between forms of imperialism both past and present.

Dogs in Waves and Water (2016) *5.5 minutes *16mm

A direct film that captures dogs and their owners at play at Montrose Beach in Chicago, IL. The film creates a visual play on the eyes and ears as it projects the essence of a summer day at this popular dog beach.

Fantasy On The Bun (2014) *6 minutes *16mm *Double Projection

A man named Frank daydreams of being a dancer in a Hollywood film of the 1940’s on his way home from work in Chicago’s Loop. Big band music meanders through his mind as he wanders through the crowds into a jewelry shop where we are taken back in time to the previous night that he spent dreaming of a hotdog bun lady. A double projection film starring artists David Frederiksen and Julie Potratz with guest appearances from James Benning and Deborah Stratman.

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