Vis-à-VHS: Gilmore Girls + Pieces of April

Give thanks with the Gilmores!

To prep for the miraculous GILMORE GIRLS revival on Netflix, we are celebrating by bringing some of Star’s Hallow to L.A.!

Amy Sherman-Palladino created the dynamic mother/daughter duo of Rory and Lorelai Gilmore in 2000. The wit — and the coffee — runneth over as we pair an episode of both Lorelais in the height of autumnal shenanigans with another quirky family dramedy.

Tinged with the music of Stephen Merritt’s the 6ths, PIECES OF APRIL parallels family black sheep April (Katie Holmes) as she invites her well-to-do family to visit her New York apartment for Thanksgiving.

Wear your coziest sweater, baseball cap, or Miss Patty shawl and follow as we lead back to when the CW was still called the WB.

$5 Suggested Donation

Programmed by Navid Sinaki and Brenda Contreras, Vis-à-VHS celebrates the analog buzz of cult pop culture.

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