Video Works of Ximena Cuevas


Pioneering Mexican video artist Ximena Cuevas creates smart, playful works that mix performance, autobiography, and mass-media excesses to explore national identity, celebrity star worship, and life’s everyday melodramas
“Ximena Cuevas is Mexico’s video artist extraordinaire: half magician, half mermaid, master of all she surveys. Cuevas looks upon her beloved metropolis of Mexico City with an eye both jaundiced and passionate. At the same time, she has turned her camera back on her own daily life and charted the quotidian pleasures and crises found therein. Her camera is expressive and inventive, her editing style jaunty and edgy, her musical taste unerring. Whether her subject is lesbian romance or heterosexual machismo, you couldn’t ask for a better guide.”
—B. Ruby Rich, San Francisco 1998
Doors: 7:30PM

$5 Suggested Donation

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