Unix for Artists: Fun with FFMPEG

May 8: 11am-12:30pm &

May 9: 11am-12pm via Zoom

The organizing principle behind the “Unix philosophy” is to take small, singularly-focused applications and use them in concert to create complex, powerful problem-solving tools. In this workshop we will explore FFMPEG and other free, open-source applications as building blocks for making and manipulating video art. Through demonstrations with practical examples participants can try at home we will explore FFMPEG’s features for transcoding, resizing, editing, applying effects and more. Using it in conjunction with ImageMagick, Processing, Youtube-dl and more, we demonstrate how this powerful application can be a part of your personal art practice whether you are an animator, editor, programmer or just having fun on the computer.

Guest Artist/Instructor: Matthew McWilliams (

For those of you that are curious … you’ll be able to make videos like this (courtesy Dave Rodriguez):


This workshop is part of a new series facilitated by EPFC Co-op members Andrew Kim and Mike Stoltz that focuses on open-source, non commercial software tools for film and video-making.

Each workshop will consist of a short screening of artists’ films and videos demonstrating the techniques used and two 1-hour info sessions, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Participants will use Saturday evening and Sunday morning to continue experimenting and share their progress at the Sunday meeting.

Workshops are $10-40 sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of funds.

Your spot is confirmed when we receive a donation online via PayPal.


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