THEN AND NOW: MASKED PORTRAITS, VANCOUVER 2022 – An evening at Moberly Fieldhouse with Visiting Artist Richard Nielsen

Sunday, March 6 at 6 pm at EPFC North Moberly Fieldhouse, Vancouver


We’re delighted to welcome Los Angeles-based artist Richard Nielsen for a special screening and discussion in advance of his current exhibition Then and Now: Masked Portraits, Vancouver 2022, presented by ECUAA Gallery Project with Arts Club Theatre Company. Free event; all welcome!

“This journey began in March of 2020 when, while filling my apocalypse jerrycans with gasoline, I glimpsed my masked reflection in the service station window. I realized this was the new public face of our indeterminate future,” shared Richard Nielsen (Diploma 1998). “I began asking friends to send me masked selfies to use as the basis for paintings.”

Working closely with curator Denise Markonish, Richard assembled more masked selfies from an extended network of artists, writers, activists, and cultural workers in the MASS MoCA community. These became the basis for an exhibition of over 50 painted portraits at MASS MoCA.

“I have continued this work painting masked portraits of communities in LA, and now Vancouver,” said Richard. “The present portraits were based on iPhone selfie-videos collected from the community surrounding my alma mater, ECU, and includes many former classmates, professors, and friends. Painted in acrylic on paper mounted to canvas, the resulting works are exhibited in a zoom-like grid, serving as a monument to community resilience in the face of these ‘socially distanced’ times.” –Richard Nielsen

The iPhone videos have been edited into a supporting digital piece which gives voice to the subjects’ shared and divergent experience of the pandemic. The digital video will be on view in various locations over the course of the exhibition, including EPFC North at Moberly Fieldhouse on Sunday, March 6 at 6 pm.

Richard Nielsen’s Then and Now: Masked Portraits, Vancouver 2022 opens Friday, March 11 at 7 pm at BMO Theatre Centre (Olympic Village), 162 W. 1st Avenue, #203, Vancouver, BC V5Y 0H6

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