Sunset and Alvarado EPFC Spring Youth Class Screening

SUNDAY MAY 22 at The Bootleg Theater, 2 PM

In its early years (14 years ago) the Echo Park Film Center produced a documentary, Sunset & Alvarado about its direct surroundings. Looking back at this 2002 VHS rip, it goes without saying that the landscape has changed.

This Spring 2016 semester the EPFC Youth Class has revisited this intersection the Film Center calls home. The youth students set out to talk to people, businesses, the community and each other to discover the many histories that collide at this intersection and how people happen to find themselves on this particular corner in LA. As the class progressed, we learned of more long-standing businesses suddenly closing, moving and the new developments soon to be taking their place. The grief of seeing these business leave gets mixed with fun and rediscovery of the neighborhood as the students run through the aisles of Hit Bargain on its last days of business and their voices as they meditate on the meaning of change.

We are extremely proud to present this feature length documentary and hope you will join us and invite your family, friends and colleagues to share this cinematic experience.


Bootleg Theater

2220 Beverly Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90057



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