Saturday December 12 – 8pm

EPFC and guest curator/ filmmaker John Cannizzaro present SMOKEHOUSE FILMS’ CINEMATIC CABINET OF WONDERS –THE MYTHOLOGICAL TIME MACHINE a compendium of rare & remarkable, strange & wonderful 16mm film gems from the archives of Smokehouse Films. This unique mix of films includes works of animation, ethnographic fables, and educational documentaries that explore the world and its history through a myriad of Mythological stories. Included are such treasures as “ORPHEUS AND EURYDICE” (1963), which uses puppets to tell the classic Greek legend of the minstrel Orpheus and his descent into Hades in quest of his lost bride Eurydice – narrated by Orson Welles! “THE DIARY” (1981), by the amazing Claymation animator Will Vinton – an adaptation of Mark Twain’s short story entitled The Diary of Adam and Eve, which tells the author’s tongue-in-cheek tale about the creation of the world from a twentieth-century perspective. The NFBC’s live action short, THE MAN AND THE GIANT – AN ESKIMO LEGEND (1978) – a dramatization of an Inuit legend about a hunter who is taken captive by a giant. And “SISYPHUS” (1974) – Marcell Jankovics’ stark animation about human efforts directed toward setting a boulder on top of a mountain. Also included are mythological films from Africa, Australia, and Native America as well as some other surprises. Curator and “spirits” will be present.

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