In The Milky Way (2015) an unnamed humanoid giant encounters an array of characters living on the margins of society who share their thoughts, impassioned soliloquies, and beliefs about the world with it. With a round, placid face and deep-set eyes that intimate intelligence, the creature looks like a primordial being, but is clearly a special effect. It is an analog effect that reflects back on both the apparatus of the camera and on celluloid film’s concrete and illusive qualities.  It is an analogue inside the analogue – a silent figure that represents a series of figures that have appeared throughout cinematic history but generally stand for the absence of language.  It is a symbol of silence.  There is a good deal of talking around it but it remains quiet and all seeing.

Traveling by car through a myriad of landscapes, from the natural habitats of the forest and desert, to the inner city of Los Angeles, The Milky Way’s off-kilter characters are brought together under circumstances that are in and of themselves a bit unusual.  Something is amiss in this world. Travel seems to happen, but without a destination; it is like some sort of primeval wandering in the Western canon. Accompanying the screening of The Milky Way, Christopher Richmond will also be presenting two short films, Available Light (2013-14) and Summary (2014). FILMMAKER IN ATTENDANCE!

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