SEEfest 2019 presents OCCUPIED CINEMA

Monday, May 6 at 8PM

Doors 7:30 PM

OCCUPIED CINEMA is about guerrilla action initiated by young activists taking over a long-abandoned, privatized cinema in Belgrade. The occupation revitalizes the cinema over the course of a year with 500 screenings, dozens of concerts and public discussions, and participation from hundreds of artists, filmmakers (like Serbia’s Srdjan Keca and Mila Turajlic) and activists (even Alain Badiou visits to speak with the occupiers). A remarkable story about the struggle to collectivize and reclaim the public right to cinema, and preserve a historic arts institution, while also addressing the history of the Yugoslav film industry and the Avala film company.

More info and tickets:

EPFC members can use this code online to get $5 tix. We will also honor at the door: ECHO5

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