Remains to Be Seen with Mark Toscano, program seven – POSTPONED

Thursday, April 16 at 8 PM

Doors 7:30 pm; $5 admission.

“This is a mystery program of archival experimental film which I promise will contain some really excellent work. Basically, part of my job as an archivist and curator is to look at prints of films, whether they’re new preserved/restored prints, or existing archival prints I’m checking as reference, or sometimes just films I need to look at to further familiarize myself with an artist’s body of work. I’m perpetually behind on this, and it occurred to me that instead of looking at films alone at the archive, it would be fun to instead open up the process to share with an audience.

The catch is that the titles will not be announced in advance! However, I promise that these will be films well worth looking at. Films will primarily screen on 16mm, in either newly struck prints or in existing archival prints, and will span a wide range of time, content, authorship, and style. I will do my best to mix up a nice variety of films for each program and will give a little background info on each film and its preservation at the show. Program length will vary, but will usually be between 90-120 minutes (including talking). I look forward to sharing these films with you and hearing what you think!” (Mark Toscano)

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