PXL THIS 29 Toy Camera Film Festival: Online Edition

Monday, May 18 at 5 pm – Youtube 
Thursday, May 21, 2 – 4 pm – Zoom
PXL THIS 29 Toy Camera Film Festival screens in cooperation with EPFC online, free.
Monday May 18, 2020 at 5pm on youtube, after which you can check it out for anytime.
Thursday May 21 from 2 to 4pm (pacific time) join in the zoom discussion, RSVP with Gerry Fialka for the link at, 310-306-7330.
The PXL-2000 (Pixelvision) is a toy camera, manufactured by Fisher-Price from 1987-89, that records on quarter-inch audio cassette tape. The low resolution and high contrast was made for kids, but became suitable for artists. Today Pixelators are merging Pixelvision with cell phones and live streaming. Electronic Folk Art . . . Lo-Fi Hi-Jinx ! 20 Short films from across the US.
PXL THIS 29 highlights include:
Gemini Huan Bowden’s Ghost Dick — A hardboiled San Francisco private eye wades hip-deep into the paranormally perverse to solve a case.
Vimeo link: 342179902 Email northcoastprod for password.
Donivan Fox documents the band Curly rocking Burning Man with the song Schweinhaux v=UE4otPhSniE
Bruno Kohfield-Galeano’s The Andalusian Man – Salutes the solution to beat poetry meets beats.
Video = watch?v=E8r2qdTpasQ&feature=
In the Mind’s Museum – LA poet/spoken-word artist, Rich Ferguson 
gives listeners a glimpse of all the things floating around in his mind v=g-OhfiC9yFg (links include the text for the poem)
James Noel’s Coordinated Film (creator of OMADOX, VREM, and 13 MYSTERIES) epic “streamliner,” as Hal Roach would have classified it. Produced on a budget of 40 dollars by a 16 year old. Shot with the PXL-2000 camera starring Janet Housden, of DESPERATE TEENAGE LOVEDOLLS, wearing PXL friendly giant polka dots, along with Steve Moramarco, Cat Noel, and Edward Parker Bolman. Trailer: https://
Nicole Zwiren’s Maya Sita Goes to College – She’s already 14 months old and ready to go off to college. Maya’s mom and dad commiserate over losing her to her future career and reminisce over the days when she was just learning how to become her own woman. 
Ana LaRey’s Pour Some Sugar On Me is a fun take on how to get a date for Valentine’s Day.
Charlie Sands’ Robert Crumb flips out the classic cartoon flickbook. Charlie is pictured in the Facebook events page with two PXL2000 cameras.

Gerry Fialka’s M.O.M. Matriarchy Or Mafia gives birth to new ideas. Why does the word “mafia” start with the word “Ma” ? “I wanted to use the Mafia as a metaphor for America.” – Francis Ford Coppola. What’s a meta for? What is the nurturing control that influences the head of the family? Do words evoke more than their meaning? Lame? Mamma is the natural sonic vibrations in baby talk imitative of the sound made while sucking? Mother tongue? Special Thanks to Tyler M. Pedersen. v=jIRvfkXi9tE&
Joey Icon’s (aka Joe Nucci the Limo Driver) Qbist Tear evokes the homonym for the word “tear,” or “tier.” 35 years in the making, these sonic reflections are inspired by the LA band Kubist Tear. 
King KaKaPhony: 20 Years of King Kukulele PXL Magic – After 20 years of LIVE PXL, King Kukulele (aka Denny Moynahan) returns with the first historical retrospective rundown of the Kings 20 years of PXL shorts.
Jay Paulson’s  Have Your Cake probes human desires.
Katy Kondrat’s Sister Circle marks meaning with tattoos, and her hilarious H.over by Me Holiday (aka Katy Kondrat).
To String Pete Newman strips down the smoking blues.
Wrasslin’ Poodles Temple of Jupiter abstracts dada folk music.
Bretton Neese’s The Truth Is Homeless explores truth and consciousness through the voices of Venetians and the distorted Image of the PXL. video: pO7M0nmTqXo
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