Thursday, May 23 at 8 PM

Doors 7:30 pm; $5 admission.

The Fisher -Price PXL-2000 (Pixelvision) is a toy camera, made from 1987-89, that records on quarter-inch audio cassette tape. The low resolution and high contrast made it cheap for kids, but also suitable for artists. Today Pixelators are merging Pixelvision with cell phones and live streaming. PXL THIS, one of the oldest film festivals in LA in its 28th year, celebrates visionary moving image artists from seminal experimental filmmakers to 10-years-olds to homeless to professionals. This year includes entries from across the US. Pixelvision has been screened recently at Lincoln Center in New York, and at LACMA’s 3D exhibit in Los Angeles. Director Gerry Fialka will be present for Low-Fi High-Jinx discussion on the hidden psychic effects of film.

“PXL is the ultimate people’s video.” – J. Hoberman, Premiere Magazine.  

“If movies offer an escape from everyday life, Pixelvision is the Houdini of the film world.” –   SF Weekly

“All the PXL THIS videos reflect festival organizer Gerry Fialka’s commitment to the freedom produced by making art without financial constraints. PXL THIS is a welcome highlight in the Los Angeles media scene celebrating the rich lexicon available in a tool which might initially seem rather limiting.” – Holly Willis, LA Weekly.


King KukuleKey  – Denny Moynahan’s “live cinema” Pixelvision immersion = Take ONE, = Take TWO

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