Saturday, July 29  at 8 PM  

Doors 7:30 PM. $5 admission.                                                                

The two filmmakers met while volunteering for Chicago Filmmakers in the mid ’00s, and quickly hit it off. Jason was an old-school, super8, 16mm, hand-processing, optical-printing analog filmmaker, and Michael was jumping head first into the whole aesthetic of experimental film & video, and contemporary art. Fast forward ten years and Michael has chewed up and glitched out the experimental film canon, fashioned into a conspiracy theory of parasitic nothingness. Meanwhile, Jason has ceased shouting at analog windmills and embraced the digital non-event. They share an affinity for collage and the political in their work – freely mixing found and original footage, gliding between allegory and agitprop, straddling the eras of analog and digital, assaulting viewers’ senses and serenity, dissecting and constructing the media around them. Now based in the Bay Area (Halprin) and LA (Woods), both filmmakers relocated to CA in 2015, and are happy to make their debut at EPFC.

We Walk On Stilts – Halprin (S8, 2 min, silent, 2010)
Twin Propellers – Halprin (dual S8, 3 min, silent, 2010)
Post-Panoptic Gazing – Woods (video, 10.5 min, sound, 2014)
No More Silent Protest (video, 6.5 min, sound, 2017)
Commodity Trading Pt 1 of 3: Election Day – Woods (mixed analog on video, 15 min, sound, 2017)
Agnes & Me (negative chemical bath version) – Halprin (16mm, 3 min, silent- maybe w/ sound, 2008)
NEW hand painted reel – Woods (16mm, 5 min, 2017)
Summer Home – Halprin (16mm on video, 6 min, sound, 2001)
Dailies from Dumpland part 3 – Woods (16mm on video, 7 min, sound, 2017)
Imperfect Video – Halprin (VHS – 20 min, sound, 2001/2013)
*lineup will likely change and include brand new works on 16mm
TRT: 78 min
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