Thursday, May 21: 8 PM
“If movies offer an escape from everyday life, Pixelvision is the Houdini of the film world.” –  SF Weekly

“Gerry Fialka’s annual PXL THIS is a reliably surprising and seductive round-up of recent work achieved with the PXL 2000 camera. This humble outdated “toy” continues to bring out the visionary child in filmmakers and viewers alike, and no one has kept the PXL flame burning longer or brighter than Gerry.” – Michael Almereyda, director

“Gerry Fialka’s PXL THIS festival snaps, crackles and pops off the screen with the funky, user-friendly energy of real first-person cinema. Goofy, gorgeous, and altogether groovy, his provocative program of pieces produced with the Fisher-Price PXL 2000 toy video camera is not only downright entertaining, but more, its blipping and buzzing black ‘n’ white picture-bits coalesce into a veritable inspiration to all those who cherish the playful, spontaneous gestures and low-cost of electronic folk art.” – Craig Baldwin, director & curator.

Are you ready for the 24th annual toy camera film festival featuring Pixelvision films made with the Fisher-Price PXL-2000 camcorder? PXL THIS celebrates visionary moving image artists from seminal experimental filmmakers to 10-years-olds to homeless to professionals. Don’t miss this rare chance to enjoy the sights and sounds of Pixelvision! FILM MAKER GERRY FIALKA IN ATTENDANCE FOR DISCUSSION!



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