Phantasm Online: An SAIC DIY Moving Image Production

A program of short motion picture and audio works made by students at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, as part of the “Punk/DIY Methods in Production” course. (TRT: 50:18We’ll link to the program on the EPFC homepage for a week beginning Friday, June 5! 

You can also check out the films by going directly to Vimeo here.

Lina De La Cruz – Mr. Ghost – 0:10 – Animation – Mr. Ghost roams the hallway at night, curiously peeking his head out as he comes closer to welcome you. 🙂

Anna Godfrey – Glass Letters – 07:25 – Audio – The first episode of upcoming podcast Glass Letters, a story about loneliness, letters, and loved ones.

Angela Yang – Ghosts – 1:42 – Animation – Ghosts of the past haunt the vacated rooms of old, each once a space of the living, each now contained within one another.

Ming Zhang (Dah Ming) – Rain and Night – Video/Performance – 24:27 – By juxtaposing performance and video, real and surreal, digital and tactile, projection and imagination, the work brings a journey of getting lost.

Emily Anshen – Punk and the TV Star – 4:41 – Video.

Katiana Duffour – 4 05AM (witch bitch) – 3:00 – Video – Late night revenge. Me on the toilet @ 4am whisper ‘singing’ the song I just wrote, trying not to wake my roommate. >.<

Sophia Pierre – Forgive Us, Sister – 5:35 – Film/Video – When two sisters meet for dinner, one is forced to acknowledge the irreconcilable facets of her own personality and how this internal conflict is pulling her away from her loved ones.

Ciel Wang – Long Dream – 2:11 – Animation – A dream of childhood, home, and parents that also stands for a part of memory of a dead child.

Lina De La Cruz – Mr. Ghost (Reverse) – 0:10 – Animation.

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