Saturday, November 26 at 8 pm

Omnium is a Portland, OR based cinema collaboration by which the work of Dustin Houston and Sam Klickner meets production and release. Omnium will be in attendance, presenting their catalogue’s four most-recent short films: The Visiting Lament (Sam Klickner), The Oneiric Bicycle (Sam Klickner), Amnia (Dustin Houston) and Erosion (Dustin Houston, Sam Klickner) as a part of a short tour down the West Coast. Viewed in sequence, these pieces reveal the uncannily familial quality of the two filmmakers’ language — both in vision and means of obtainment. Though their work is most often and easily described as Surrealist, Klickner and Houston strive simply to do what they want. Omnium’s work has been screened across the United States as well as overseas at venues including Chicago Blow-Up Art House Film Festival, North Portland Unknown Film Festival, Bucharest Short Cut Cine Fest, ATA Gallery (SF), Rozz Tox (IL) and Dinsinfo’s 5am Film Series.

Doors 7:30 pm; $5 admission.

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